Roles And Responsibilities

Key Decisions taken by SEC

The SEC, the executive arm of the SDMA has met thrice since then and has taken many decisions. Some of the key decisions taken by the SEC are as under:

  1. All the departments have been asked to appoint Nodal Officers for disaster management. Most of the departments have appointed their Nodal Officers.

  2. The identification of vulnerable buildings has been ordered. The PWD department has identified 368 such buildings. The department has further been asked to strengthen the vulnerable buildings.

  3. The guidelines have been issued for the updation and revision of District Disaster Management Plans (DDMPs)

  4. The SDMA website has been decided to be designed and uploaded soon.

  5. The PWD department has been asked to ensure compliance of earthquake resistant features in construction of the government buildings

  6. The TCP and ULB departments have been asked to work out training requirements and required amendment of building bye laws.

  7. The survey and retrofitting of hospitals as also been ordered.

  8. The training needs assessment of various department was been ordered. As a result a TNA workshop was also organised on 25-26th April, 2011.

  9. The rules of SDMA have also been drafted.