Hazard Profile of State

As per the BIS seismic zonation map, Himachal Pradesh falls in Zone IV and V. And five districts, namely Chamba (53.2%) Hamirpur (90.9%), Kangra (98.6%), Kullu (53.1%), Mandi (97.4%) have 53 to 98.6 percent of their area liable to the severest design intensity of MSK IX or more, the remaining area of these districts being liable to the next severe intensity VIII. Two districts, Bilaspur (25.3%) and Una (37.0%) also have substantial area in MSK IX and rest in MSK VIII. The remaining districts also are liable to intensity VIII.Besides, the earthquake, the people of HP are also affected by landslides, avalanches, flash floods, floods, fires – domestic and wild, and droughts. Monsoon season brings all the hazards associated with it such as cloud burst, flash floods, landslides etc. There is huge loss of life and property every year.

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Earthquake Hazards

From seismicity point of view, the state of Himachal Pradesh which forms a part of NW Himalayas is very sensitive. During the last century the state has been shaken by a number of micro as well as macro earthquakes. A number of damaging earthquakes has struck the state and the adjoining parts of Punjab, UP and J&K.


Landslide Hazards

Another form of the natural hazards in the state is the occurrences of landslides. The hills and mountains of Himachal Pradesh are liable to suffer landslides during monsoons and also in high intensity earthquakes.


Avalanche Hazards

The higher hills comprising the districts of Kinnaur, Lahaul & Spiti, Chamba, and Kullu are particularly vulnerable to the hazards of avalanches, and the destruction caused as a result of avalanches in the past in Himachal Pradesh though not widespread is confined to the higher reaches of the state only.


Flood Hazards

Floods are another from of natural disaster which the state experiences every year. Due to the diverse topography of the area, the flood problem in the state is largely isolated in Nature. High monsoon rains in the area of the Shiwalik and lower and mid Himalayan ranges cause extensive floods during rainy seasons.


Retreat of Glaciers in the Himalayas

There are 3,300 glaciers in the Nepalese Himalayas and 2,300 of them contain glacial lakes.


Incidences of Forest Fires in Himachal Pradesh

The Forests of Himachal Pradesh known for their grandeur and majesty are like a green pearl in the Himalayan crown.


Road Accidents in Himachal Pradesh

With the increase of road connectivity and number of vehicles plying on these roads in the State, the number of road accidents and loss of precious human lives is increasing day by day.


Other Hazards


Air Crash

Building Vulnerability

Climate Change

Drought and Crops

Environmental & Industrial

Socio Economic Vulnerability and Risk Analysis


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